There are numerous secondary routes which snake their way in a loop-like manner through this unique natural and cultural environment along the Vennbahn line just waiting to be discovered. There is something for everyone here with distances ranging between 30 and 50 km as well as various degrees of difficulty. You can reach your destination without any hitches by following the cycle path network with nodes showing where paths intersect in East Belgium and the routes of the region for non-motorised traffic.

The 11 tours Endless cycling fun

Vennbahn Loop 2 Eupen – Eupen

3h 27m

This cycle route stretches between the Belgian town of Eupen and Roetgen in Germany. You ride along the Vennbahn cycle path for 9 km. You are surrounded by broadleaf woodland in the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park for a good three quarters of the route.

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Vennbahn Loop 3 Küchelscheid – Küchelscheid

2h 32m

Almost 40% of the route follows the Vennbahn itself, affording an unexpected panoramic view of the valley across the German Eifel-Ardennes region. You cycle through dense forests and along the untouched peatland of the High Fens.

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Vennbahn Loop 4 Botrange – Botrange

2h 57m

Half the tour leads through the High Fens, where forest areas alternate with expansive peat bogs. The other 20 km takes you past open pastures around the Warche and Robertville reservoir, which you cross twice.

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Vennbahn Loop 5 Bütgenbach – Bütgenbach

2h 23m

Taking the Ravel L45a, we head towards Weywertz to the Vennbahn, which leads us to a landscape of fields and meadows further to the north. Following the curve of the path, past Nidrum and Elsenborn, we catch sight of the lake in Berg. We reach Wirtzfeld along deserted paths. There, the journey back to Bütgenbach starts.

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Vennbahn Loop 6 Weismes – Weismes

2h 16m

Half the tour runs along the Vennbahn, which is closed to motorised vehicles and winds its way in an elegant curve between the source regions of the Amel and the Warchenne. The open countryside with many valleys is occasionally dotted with little pieces of woodland.

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Vennbahn Loop 7 Schönberg – Schönberg

3h 22m

The young Our and the Vennquerbahn (Ravel L45a) between Honsfeld and the German border village of Losheim play the leading role in this cycle route loop. You ride through the eastern part of Belgium.

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Vennbahn Loop 8 St. Vith – St. Vith

2h 51m

Outside the metropolitan area of St. Vith, 90 per cent of the route takes you through the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park. That means quiet roads and a lot of woodland along the way. The beautiful Our valley by the border to the German Eifel-Ardennes region is the icing on the cake.

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Vennbahn Loop 9 Eupen – Eupen

3h 22m

You ride almost three quarters of this route through the woods of the cross-border High Fens - Eifel nature parc. A more open landscape awaits you along the Vennbahn and the Weser dam.

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Vennbahn Loop 10 St. Vith – St. Vith

2h 45m

Characteristic of the land of St. Vith are the open landscapes and extensive agricultural areas. The only wooded area you cross is the Emmelserwald, not far from the border with the Walloon region.

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Vennbahn Loop 11 Burg Reuland – Burg Reuland

3h 18m

This route follows the picturesque valleys of the four streams Ulf, Braunlauf, Hasselbach and Our. So you don't just get the sporting enjoyment afforded by a hilly landscape. You also get some beautiful panoramas.

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Attractions along the Vennbahn Don't miss any of the highlights along the Vennbahn

Pottery museum Raeren Distance to the Vennbahn: 2,6 km

The Pottery Museum, housed in the beautiful moated castle, presents exhibits from the height of the Raeren ceramics industry, bringing a bygone era to life.

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Kornelimünster Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,0 km

Former abbey town and place of pilgrimage. The historical town centre is most definitely worth a short visit.

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Aachen Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,2 km

Aachen – a city awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO and the former imperial palace of Charles the Great (Charlemagne). The cathedral and the magnificent town hall in the heart of the historical city are particularly worth seeing.

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Accommodation along the Vennbahn Bicycle-friendly accommodation along the cycle path

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