Between Our and Amel

Outside the metropolitan area of St. Vith, 90 per cent of the route takes you through the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park. That means quiet roads and a lot of woodland along the way. The beautiful Our valley by the border to the German Eifel-Ardennes region is the icing on the cake.

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Useful information for this stage

Starting and finishing point of the tour: St. Vith, at the “Triangel” Cultural Centre, Vennbahnstrasse 2. With your back facing the entrance of the Triangel, take the cycle path to your right towards node 32.

Description of the route: 84 > 50 > 38 > 40 > 37 > 13 > 41 > 42 > 43 > 83 > 55 > 54 > 46 > 47 > 84

Parking: St. Vith, at the “Triangel” Cultural Centre, Vennbahnstrasse 2

Public transport: Coming from Eupen: route 394: Eupen – Botrange – St. Vith
Coming from Verviers station: route 395: Verviers – Malmedy – St. Vith – Reuland

Things to see Impressions along the way

Wiesenbach: The Chapel of St. Bartholomew, a former hermitage dating from 1800. Here, you stroll through ancient lime trees, weathered grave crosses and an overgrown enclosing wall.
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Details on the stage

The first 10 km of the route is a continuous uphill climb to reach the elevated village of Meyerode. You then make your way into the valley of the Our, with which you become acquainted in Schönberg. After an idyllic section of 5 km above the Our, the river shows itself off to its best advantage before reaching the village of Setz. You can let your eyes wander across the sprawling valley before you. The flat course of the path here in the valley enables you to gaze into the distance beyond the edges of the path. In Steinebrück, the 80-metre-high motorway viaduct of the E42 Verviers-Prüm spans the Our valley. The imposing structure makes the valley appear even bigger. Then you continue along the Vennbahn cycle path to St. Vith. You pass the (former) railway of Lommersweiler and ride through a tunnel. The former railway line (Vennbahn) was constructed in the valley of the Braunlauf. The cycle path, however, runs along a normal road from Neidingen. In Wiesenbach you return to the original railway track where you can enjoy a safe and quiet ride to the town of St. Vith.

Safety information
Watch out for traffic when leaving St. Vith. Steep descent with a gradient of 18% between node 42 and node 44.

Along the route
St.Vith: wide selection of culinary establishments
Schönberg: Hotel Zum Burghof, K.F.-Schinkelstraße 11, T +32 80 548 159

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