Along the Weser through the Hertogenwald

This cycle route stretches between the Belgian town of Eupen and Roetgen in Germany. You ride along the Vennbahn cycle path for 9 km. You are surrounded by broadleaf woodland in the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park for a good three quarters of the route.

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Useful information for this stage

Starting and finishing point of the tour: At the Rotenbergplatz, right behind house no. 24, you go into the Josephine Koch Park towards node 45.

Description of the route: Follow the cycle route nodes: 45> 30> 29> 48> 11 (Roetgen)> 46> 43> 42> 41> 40> 58> 38> 39> 35> 34> 45

Parking: free parking along the Rotenbergplatz, subject to a charge in the Bergstrasse and the town centre.

Things to see Impressions along the way

From the terrace of the visitors’ centre of the Weser dam you can look out over a drinking-water reservoir covering an area of 126 hectares (310 acres), which is supplied with the purest of water from unspoiled peatland.
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Details on the stage

Eupen, situated by the Weser and at the edge of the Hertogenwald, is today the capital of the German-speaking community of Belgium. The town developed during the 18th and 19th centuries thanks to the extremely soft, pure water from the High Fens. This water proved to be very suitable for washing wool (fabric). Dozens of weavers settled here, setting up their weaving studios and warehouses, and within a very short time the town experienced an unprecedented economic upturn. To this day, the grand mansions of wealthy cloth dealers can still be seen all over the town. This is where your tour starts.


On the way to Raeren you cycle along a country road with sprawling meadows to your left and dense wooded areas to your right. Raeren is home to a remarkable moated castle flanked by historical houses.


Just a short while later, you reach the Vennbahn leading you to an uninhabited woodland area. The former railway line winds its way prettily through the expansive Raeren forest until you come to Roetgen on the German side. You leave the Vennbahn and cycle through the forest alongside the Weser until you reach the reservoir. From here, you continue your journey down into the valley and back to Eupen.

Safety information
After node 58 you follow a steep farm track with loose gravel. You should dismount here. Hunts take place from the beginning of October. The details and hunting areas can be accessed in the route planner

Along the route

Raeren: Hotel-Restaurant « Zum Onkel Jonathan », Hauptstraße 49-51, Tel +32 87 858030

Weserstaudamm: Besucherzentrum, Langesthal 164, Tel. 0032 87 743 161

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