Four streams and a castle

This route follows the picturesque valleys of the four streams Ulf, Braunlauf, Hasselbach and Our. So you don’t just get the sporting enjoyment afforded by a hilly landscape. You also get some beautiful panoramas.

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Starting and finishing point of the tour: Tourist Info, Burg Reuland

Description of the route: 72 > 74 > 71 > 176 > 179 > 180 > 163 > 62 > 64 > 66 > 52 > 53 > 58 > 57 > 54 > 55 > 75 > 72

Parking: Tourist Info, Burg Reuland

Things to see Impressions along the way

The castle ruins of Burg Reuland are just a stone's throw from junction number 172. The castle, which originated in the 10th century, was the seat of the lords of Reuland. In the 18th century it fell victim to a fire. It was restored in the 1990s.
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Details on the stage Was es alles zur erleben gibt

Along the border between East Belgium and Wallonia you go past a few villages. They lie peacefully in the open landscape where the Ulf and the Braunlauf rise. Those dense woods seem a long way off now, until you cross the Braunlauf in Galhausen and suddenly find yourself surrounded by trees again.

You climb to an altitude of 530 m here. When you get to the top, there’s a vast panorama out over the Ulf valley awaiting you. Along the Hasselbach, you then come to the Vennbahn, embedded in the landscape, characterised as it is by the Braunlauf and the Our. In Hemmeres (D) the route brushes the German border, turning at the end of the Our valley towards one of the tributaries. Somewhat hidden away, Burg-Reuland lies in the valley of the Ulf. It is one of East Belgium’s oldest villages and the end of this tour.

Safety information
Beware of oncoming cyclists, walkers or other users on public roads and on the cycle path

Along the route
Burg Reuland: Restaurant Burg Hof
Restaurant Le Jardin

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