Attractions Don't miss any of the highlights along the Vennbahn

What is particularly enthralling about the region around the Vennbahn cycle path is the abundance of nature and the breath-taking landscapes between the Eifel and the Ardennes. There are numerous opportunities to discover and experience nature and culture with European border country flair around the high moorland of the High Fens. Here are our recommended highlights along the cycle path …

Attractions according to stages

  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3
  4. Stage 4
  5. Stage 5
  6. Stage 6

Stage 1 Aachen – Raeren

Pottery museum Raeren Distance to the Vennbahn: 2,6 km

The Pottery Museum, housed in the beautiful moated castle, presents exhibits from the height of the Raeren ceramics industry, bringing a bygone era to life.

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Kornelimünster Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,0 km

Former abbey town and place of pilgrimage. The historical town centre is most definitely worth a short visit.

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Aachen Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,2 km

Aachen – a city awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO and the former imperial palace of Charles the Great (Charlemagne). The cathedral and the magnificent town hall in the heart of the historical city are particularly worth seeing.

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Stage 2 Raeren – Monschau

Rursee Distance to the Vennbahn: 10 km

One of Germany’s largest dams and a paradise for watersports, cycling and hiking enthusiasts as well as those seeking relaxation.

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Monschau Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,5 km

Vibrant activity within old walls, a mediaeval townscape with idyllic half-timbered houses, narrow alleyways and cobbled streets.

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Stage 3 Monschau – Waimes

High Fens Distance to the Vennbahn: 5 km

Nature reserve with unique flora and fauna and one of the last preserved high moors in Europe.

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Robertville Lake Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,5 km

The construction of the dam almost 90 years ago has made Robertville a Mecca for those in search of rest and relaxation. The idyllically located bathing lake spans an area of around 198 acres.

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Bütgenbach Lake Distance to the Vennbahn: 4 km

The location and its dam are a popular local recreational area offering outstanding sports and leisure facilities.

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Stage 4 Waimes – St. Vith

St. Vith History Museum Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,1 km

The old railway station of St. Vith hails from the Prussian era and today houses the history museum.    

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Stage 5 St. Vith – Burg Reuland

Reuland Castle Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,5 km

This proud castle, whose foundation stone was laid in the 12th century, was destroyed by French troops in 1794. The mighty walls, tower stumps and the north-western tower have survived.

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Stage 6 Burg Reuland – Troisvierges

Our Valley Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,1 km

The magnificent foothills of the Ardennes in the south of East Belgium are adorned by Weweler Chapel and the ruins of Reuland Castle.

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Bat tunnel Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,1 km

Former railway tunnel of the Vennbahn, which has been turned into a bat adventure path on the Luxembourg side.

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