The path stretches from Aachen, straight through East Belgium, to Troisvierges, offering 125 km of fascinating landscapes, border country atmosphere, and stories of the Vennbahn.


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Whether from Aachen to Troisvierges or the other way around, the Vennbahn cycle path is always a relaxed experience. The low gradient of the track and the fact that it is tarmacked along its entire length ensures a high level of comfort during the ride. Moreover, the Vennbahn is part of the Ravel programme of the Walloon region of Belgium and thus reserved for non-motorised traffic, which means that families, in particular, can enjoy safe and carefree biking fun.

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Experience the Vennbahn! The route is bursting with opportunities

The stages 125 km in 6 stress-free sections

Stage 1 Aachen – Raeren

1h 30m

Starting from Aachen, the first stage takes you through the former abbey town of Kornelimünster across the border to Raeren. The route is tarmacked throughout and is not particularly challenging.

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Stage 2 Raeren – Monschau

1h 45m

With the former railway station in Raeren as your starting point, you cycle via Roetgen, repeatedly crossing backwards and forwards between Belgium and Germany. The route ends in the picturesque town of Monschau.

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Stage 3 Monschau – Waimes

1h 45m

Visitors will gain a good first impression of the unique high moor landscape of the High Fens between the start of the route in Monschau and the finishing point in Waimes.

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Stage 4 Waimes – St. Vith

1h 8m

Starting from Waimes, you ride through the stunning foothills of the Ardennes, whereby the going is relatively easy. An ideal location for paddocks, which you can marvel at by the woodland area of Wolfsbusch.

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Stage 5 St. Vith – Burg-Reuland


To the south of St. Vith, you make your way down deeper into the Our valley through small river meadows and Lommersweiler tunnel. Once again, numerous streams and small rivers are your constant companion along the route and provide you with a landscape rich in variety

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Stage 6 Burg Reuland – Troisvierges

1h 15m

Starting from Reuland Castle, Lengeler tunnel will bring you straight into Luxembourg. An appealing educational bat trail has been set up on the Luxembourg side of the tunnel.

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Discover the Vennbahn stories! Tales and historical facts all about the Vennbahn

For more than a century, the Vennbahn was the iron link between Aachen and the north of Luxembourg. An eventful period in the truest sense of the word which gave rise to a great deal of history and stories. There are a total of 20 locations around the Vennbahn where you can search for traces of the peculiarities of the countryside and people of the region. The stories are visually underpinned by comics typical of Belgium. Have fun on your discovery tour!

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Vennbahn packages Organised trips on and beside the Vennbahn

€ 789 Per person, assuming overnight stays in double rooms

Vennbahn 4 country tour – 8 days

Cycle route between Maastricht (NL) and Luxembourg.

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The most important news concerning the Vennbahn Always up-to-date

A new bridge spans the Our

Since the beginning of the month, the Vennbahn has been enhanced by a new highlight. After a little delay, the long-awaited bridge for cyclists and pedestrians over the Our in Auel in East Belgium was finally inaugurated.

27. Sep 2023

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10th anniversary of the Vennbahn

The year 2023 is marked by a special anniversary: about 10 years ago, the Vennbahn was officially inaugurated as a cycling and hiking trail. Since then, it has been a real success story and earned several awards. Today, the cycling trail has become a trademark and tourist attraction for the whole border region.

09. May 2023

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