The High Fens in the eastern part of the Hertogenwald

Almost 40% of the route follows the Vennbahn itself, affording an unexpected panoramic view of the valley across the German Eifel-Ardennes region. You cycle through dense forests and along the untouched peatland of the High Fens.

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Useful information for this stage

Starting and finishing point of the tour: Küchelscheid, Am Breitenbach 35, next to node 38

Description of the route: Follow the cycle route nodes: 27> 25> 24> 51> 52> 53> 54> 84> 85> 63> 72> 38

Parking: free parking spaces next to “Railbike des Hautes Fagnes”, Am Breitenbach 35, Küchelscheid

Things to see Impressions along the way

A small forest museum has been set up behind the brasserie at the visitors’ centre “Haus Ternell”.
Vennbahn Team

Details on the stage

The first 12-km stretch along the Vennbahn takes you through German territory. Astonishingly, the 10m wide strip of railway line is Belgian territory, since Germany was made to surrender the cantons of Eupen, Malmedy and St. Vith, including the Vennbahn, to Belgium as a consequence of World War One. Boundary stones still lying alongside the former railway line testify to that. You will not come across any further villages and houses after “Entenpfuhl”. The High Fens are the dominant feature over the next 7 km, or more precisely the areas of the General and Imgenbroich Fens. This conservation area was recently returned to its original state as a result of the “Life” project. Left to their own devices, moors naturally develop into woodland. This peatland was renaturalised by felling the exotic grey alder in vast numbers. The Getzbach has its source here at a height of 600 metres. Several kilometres further on it flows into the Weser reservoir. The only sign of human life in the gigantic Osthertogenwald is the Haus Ternell nature centre, where you can relax over a drink or a snack. The remaining 13 km of the route will take you between tall trees and alongside burbling wild creeks.

Along the route
Ternell: Brasserie-Restaurant Haus Ternell, Ternell 2-3, Eupen, T +32 87 300 048

Küchelscheid: Waffel Time, Am Breitenbach 35, Tel. +32 80 685 890

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