Being on the Vennbahn with the family is always a special treat. You can stop at many different places along the way and discover the great variety of nature in a playful manner. By doing so, a short tour turns into a long and exciting excursion. We have put together a few ideas for you.

And off we go!


The countryside along the Vennbahn – a unique, great playground!

Everything there is to see and do along the Vennbahn Here are our recommendations

Tours for children Adventures by bike

Tours suitable for families, easy to reach and so many things to discover. A perfect day out for the whole family.

Raeren Beautiful hedgerow landscapes

8 km around Raeren

Car park: at the former railway station of Raeren
GPS starting coordinates: 50.400852 – 6.081273

More details can be found on page 22 of our “Kids-on-Tour” brochure.

Finding your bearings
Follow the drawing of the little badger. The hike takes place on the “Ravel”, i.e. on a disused railway line. You can also do it by bicycle!

Things worth seeing
The path winds through the wonderfully green hedgerow landscape of Raeren. Informative display boards provide details on the abundance and diversity of nature. You walk around the village, passing hedges and over meadows as you go. In the forest you will come across a pond. This was once an industrial site.

The moors path On the roof of Belgium

28 km

N 676, Haus des Naturparks GPS starting coordinates: 50.49329 – 6.10002

More details can be found on page 24 of our “Kids-on-Tour” brochure.

Finding your bearings
On your bicycle, follow the sign for the moors path or the nodes 80, 83, 84, 85, 63, 71, 86, 83 and 80. This is not just practical, but child’s play as well.

Highlights along the route
The route has been fitted with display boards on which you can find out lots of astonishing facts about the Fens.

The flora and fauna
After this educational trip, the Fens will no longer be able to keep any secrets from you.

Eupen Just like in Canada!

14 km

Car park behind the dam. GPS starting coordinates: 50.62152 – 6.09138

More details can be found on page 26 of our “Kids-on-Tour” brochure.

Finding your bearings
On your bicycle, follow the nodes 41, 42, 43, 46 and 55. This is not just practical, but child’s play as well.

Just like in Canada!
A piece of Canada in the heart of Europe! With the crystal-clear waters of the lakes in which the imposing forest “Hertogenwald” is reflected, you sometimes feel as though you were in the northernmost part of America.  In winter, the Getzbach stream is reminiscent of a large mountain river.

Did you know…?
Did you know that the Eupen-Weser dam is the third largest drinking water reservoir in Belgium? The reservoir is supplied by the three streams Weser, Getzbach and Hill. The latter via a 1.5 km-long connecting tunnel! The reservoir can hold up to 25 million m³ of water.

Further highlights for children A day-trip pedalling through the countryside

Robertville Lake Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,5 km

It is a long time ago that Robertville was known for its peat cutters, The dam, with which the Warche river was backed up to form a lake of around 198 acres in size almost 90 years ago, has made Robertville a Mecca for those looking for rest and relaxation. Dense forest extends right up to the banks. The Haelen bridge, which crosses the middle of the lake, affords the most spectacular views.

Bütgenbach Lake Distance to the Vennbahn: 4 km

The dam, erected in 1932, resulted in the formation of a lake spanning around 297 acres and has become a veritable magnet for recreational activities. Sailing boats and surfers are a prominent feature there in summer. Visitors are drawn by the sandy shores and lawns for sunbathing on the banks of the lake. Hiking trails and bicycle and mountain bike tours encircle the lake. In a nutshell, a paradise for outdoor and water sports enthusiasts.

The playgrounds Along the Vennbahn

If you are looking for a little variety for the family between the stages of the route, you are sure to be in good hands on one of the playgrounds located near the Vennbahn.

Games along the route Every break a game

A cycling tour across gently rolling hills is a pleasant up and down. And discover nature as a playground in between. Here are some games which work without any elaborate equipment.

Game 1 – spruce cones Balancing over sticks and stones

Get yourself a cone from the spruce or another larger, but light object, and the game can begin. You can design your own course in just 4 steps and make the game even more demanding.

Cones in the forest

1. Mark out the course

Use sticks, stones or something similar

2. Mark out different sections

With places to step, different materials and obstacles

3. Wedge the cone

between 2 people, shoulders or the palms of your hands

4. Start the course

Balance across the course together

Vennbahn stories Choose a story!

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