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Visitors can delight in the old diesel locomotives on the still existing parts of the track network at the former railway station in Raeren. Then the route takes you through the forest on the German-Belgium border towards Roetgen, the “Gateway to the Eifel”. Now, a veritable alternating of the boundary lines will begin. The Vennbahn crosses German and Belgian territory several times during this stage of the trip. The woodland scenery slowly becomes less prominent towards Lammersdorf and Konzen, and many a person is put in mind of Switzerland. With these impressions, you reach the former cloth-making town of Monschau with its magnificently preserved half-timbered houses.

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Attractions Don’t miss any of the highlights along the Vennbahn!

Rursee Distance to the Vennbahn: 10 km

One of Germany’s largest dams and a paradise for watersports, cycling and hiking enthusiasts as well as those seeking relaxation.

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Monschau Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,5 km

Vibrant activity within old walls, a mediaeval townscape with idyllic half-timbered houses, narrow alleyways and cobbled streets.

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Discover the Vennbahn stories!

For more than a century, the Vennbahn was the iron link between Aachen and the north of Luxembourg. An eventful period in the truest sense of the word which gave rise to a great deal of history and stories. There are a total of 20 locations around the Vennbahn where you can search for traces of the peculiarities of the countryside and people of the region. The stories are visually underpinned by comics typical of Belgium. Have fun on your discovery tour!

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Bicycle-friendly accommodation along the cycle path bed+bike

Ambassador hotel Bosten Distance to the Vennbahn: 9 km

The Ambassador Hotel Bosten is situated in Eupen at the foot of the High Fens Nature Park, not far from the Weser reservoir.

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Sleepwood Hotel Distance to the Vennbahn: 8 km

The hotel is situated in Eupen between Liège, Maastricht and Aachen. The High Fens are just under 10 minutes away by car.

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Hostel Kaleo Eupen Distance to the Vennbahn: 8 km

Situated at the highest point of the capital of the German-speaking community of Belgium, the newly refurbished youth hostel in Eupen has been shining in new splendour since 2016.

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Tourist information

  1. TI Monschau
    Stadtstraße 16 · D-52156 Monschau
    T +49 247 280 480 ·
  2. TI Raeren
    Burgstraße 103 · B-4730 Raeren
    T +32 87 85 09 03 ·
  3. TI Eupen
    Marktplatz 7 · B-4700 Eupen
    T +32 87 55 34 50 ·

Parking facilities

  1. Vennbahn Parkplatz Raeren
    Distance to the Vennbahn: 0 km
  2. Vennbahn Parkplatz Reichenstein
    Distance to the Vennbahn: 0 km


Parking facilities stage 3

Bicycle rental & repair shops

Bicycle rental

  1. Zweirad-Verleih Monschau
    Distance to the Vennbahn: 3,0 km

Repair shop

  1. Firebike
    Distance to the Vennbahn: 0,4 km
  2. Zweirad Offermann
    Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,0 km
  3. Radcabine
    Distance to the Vennbahn: 1,0 km

Next stage Stage 3: from Monschau to Waimes

Crossing the impressive Reichenstein viaduct, you pass through Kalterherberg and the German exclave “Ruitzhof”, back into Belgian territory. The one-of-a-kind heath heralds the High Fens. This fascinating high moor acting as a gigantic reservoir and, at the same time, the namesake of the Vennbahn, makes it necessary to build bridges over numerous streams and rivers. Past the old railway station building of Sourbrodt with a considerable number of well-preserved relics from railway history, the Vennbahn runs between the lakes of Robertville and Bütgenbach and finally ends in Waimes.

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