It was in summer 2013 when the work-intensive years of the project finally had an end and what emerged was a unique touristic showcase project with its own branding. The Interreg-project Vennbahn was inaugurated by representatives of politics and society as well as partners from Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. The common goal was to establish the Vennbahn as the backbone of a cross-border cycling route network between the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. In addition to the infrastructural work, the Vennbahn was constructed as a brand and has since been a guarantee for quality, experience of nature, railway history and borderland flair.

The combination of a unique and eventful history, gorgeous landscapes and outstanding infrastructure quickly lead to numerous awards early on. Yet, this recognition did not lead to a standstill. It rather encouraged further improvements that were implemented throughout the years and resulted in the elaboration of a whole cycling route network in the surroundings of the Vennbahn.

The supra-regional Vennbahn Coordination Office was opened in 2019. Partners from Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg collaborate to lead this tourist product into the future. Alongside sustainable quality management, the main focus is on the further development of the Vennbahn in the wake of the digital and environmental challenges. Moreover, the Vennbahn Coordination Office stands as a symbol for the continuation of the Interreg-project and the border-crossing friendship that has developed during the last years.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Vennbahn, a major celebration will be held along the route in Leykaul (Belgium) on 1 July 2023. This celebration will symbolically lay the foundations for future collaborations.

Please note !
As parking facilities in Leykaul are limited, we recommend coming directly with your own bike. You can use the parking facilities at the former railway station in Sourbrodt or in Monschau. From Monschau town centre you can cycle to Leykaul along the Rurufer cycle path.

The micro-project “10 years Vennbahn” is being carried out within the context of People to People2 Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine and co-financed by Städteregion Aachen and the East Belgium Tourist Agency.