December 7, 2015

The “Vennbahn Plus” Tour Planner: Everything in one box

The Vennbahn, one of Europe’s most scenic and longest railway embankment cycle tracks, lying across the frontier region between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, has already delighted thousands of cyclists since its opening three years ago. For all those who want to get even more out of their Vennbahn experience, the new “Vennbahn Plus” Tour Planner is available now, with 16 connecting tracks around the 125 kilometre long cycle route.


A wealth of natural and cultural attractions can be found close to the Vennbahn bike and hike route: from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aachen, the picturesque towns of Kornelimünster and Monschau, the unique landscape of the High Fen, the hills of the Eifel-Ardennes region to the gardens of Troisvierges in Luxembourg. “Vennbahn Plus” Tour Planner gives you a summary of each of these attractions while also extending the range of the network.


Something for everyone

The “Vennbahn Plus” Box contains 16 Tour-Flyers. Each tour is outlined in a different colour, and the flyers, in practical A5 format, are perfect for referring to en route. You will find all the useful information you need, such as routes, starting points, signs, rest stops, track topography and quality. In addition, five attractions worth visiting are included along each route. There is also an overall map with general information for cyclists, such as bed+bike hostels, e-Bike hire points, access ramps and return transport possibilities.

With sections between 30 and 50 kilometres at varying degrees of difficulty, there is really something for everyone here. The routes make use of the Velotour section and hub system, dedicated and/or indicated public cycle routes, as well as other connected former rail tracks of the Ravel cycle network. The editor responsible for the various routes is the well-known Flemish cycle journalist and reporter Waard van Loock, whose years of experience in the planning of bike and hike routes has proved invaluable. The “Vennbahn Plus” Tour Planner is published by the East Belgian Tourism Agency.


Vennbahn Plus is available in our webshop at the price of 12,50€ (plus forwarding expenses):