Safety Advice

That you use the RAVeL Vennbahn strictly at your own risk and under your own responsibility. Any claims of liability for damages arising from inappropriate conduct are excluded. That the Vennbahn is solely intended for non-motorized traffic. That the relevant national traffic regulations apply, as do all markings and signs.

For your own safety and the safety of others


  • Be aware and respectful at all times of other road users
  • Always keep to a speed that will ensure you can safely avoid obstacles
  • In the event of accident or injury, call 112 and give your location


How you can help us:


The signposting and markings along the Vennbahn have been placed with care and consideration. If you happen to notice damaged or missing signs and/or surface markings on your journey, or feel that the signposting is in any way defective, misleading or insufficient, or if you should notice damage to the infrastructure, please let us know by email under or phone under +32 80 28 20 99. Your input to help keep the Vennbahn safe and attractive is always appreciated. Thank you!