October 30, 2014

212,000 cycle trips on the Vennbahn since the month of June

Reporting points have been installed on the 125 km long Vennbahn cycle path. In a release issued on Thursday, cabinet minister Isabelle Weykmans stated that at least 212,000 cycle trips were recorded between mid-June and mid-October.


The Vennbahn cycle path is one of the longest in Europe. With a length of 125 km, it connects Aachen in Germany with Troisvierges in Luxembourg, passing through Eastern Belgium. Five reporting points have been installed in the German-speaking municipalities at Raeren, Leykaul, Montenau, Steinebrück and Lengeler.


According to the minister responsible for tourism, Isabelle Weykmans, these reporting points have recorded at least 212,000 cycle trips since the month of June. The largest number of trips (84,000) was measured at Leykaul in the municipality of Bütgenbach. The figures cab also be analysed to show that 77,000 of the 212,000 trips were made at weekends in the high season.


Cycle trips were also recorded in the morning and evening, indicating that the cycle path is also used for journeys to work and school, the cabinet minister said. The release also explains that 212,000 trips does not mean 212,000 users, because cyclists who complete the entire route are counted five times.